American Auto
American Auto
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American Auto

At the headquarters of a major American automotive company in Detroit, a floundering group of executives try to rediscover the company identity amid a... rapidly changing industry. Show More


American Auto is a captivating television series set in the bustling headquarters of a renowned American automotive company in Detroit. As the automotive industry grapples with unprecedented transformations, a group of executives find themselves struggling to reconnect with the company's identity. This comedic series explores the challenges and dilemmas faced by the characters in an era of rapid change.

Set against the backdrop of a company in flux, American Auto tackles the intricate dynamics between the executives as they strive to adapt to the evolving industry landscape. With a humorous approach, the series delves into the characters' desperate attempts to revive the brand and unite their diverse talents towards a common goal.

The series offers an engaging glimpse into the corporate world, showcasing the ups and downs encountered by the executives in their pursuit of success. As the story unfolds, viewers witness the characters' personal and professional struggles, creating a relatable and captivating narrative.

American Auto presents viewers with a fresh take on workplace comedy, blending intelligent humor with insightful commentary on the challenges faced by companies in today's rapidly changing economy. With its sharply-written dialogue and talented ensemble cast, this series promises an entertaining and thought-provoking watch for anyone interested in the world of business and corporate culture.

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American Auto

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13 Dec 2021


Justin Spitzer


2 nominations