Animal Control
Animal Control
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Animal Control

A group of animal control workers begin to see their lives complicated by humans and not so much by animals.


In the compelling and thought-provoking series Animal Control (2023–), a group of dedicated and hardworking Animal Control workers find themselves burdened with an unexpected set of challenges. Set in a not-so-distant future, this gripping drama explores the complex dynamics between humans and animals, offering a fresh perspective on the role of Animal Control in society.

As these diligent workers strive to maintain the delicate balance between humans and animals, they soon discover that their lives are becoming more complicated due to human actions rather than the animal situations they are trained to handle. This unexpected turn of events forces them to question the very essence of their profession and confront the ethical dilemmas they encounter.

Throughout the series, viewers will witness a captivating exploration of the human condition, as the Animal Control workers grapple with their own personal struggles while navigating the intricate web of human behavior. With each episode, the narrative delves deeper into the intrinsic connection between humans and animals, ultimately exposing the complex layers of their coexistence.

Animal Control is a thought-provoking series that combines elements of drama, mystery, and social commentary. Through its compelling storytelling and nuanced character development, it examines the fragile equilibrium between humans and animals in an ever-evolving world. Prepare to be captivated by this unique and timely exploration of human-animal relationships and the consequences of our actions.

Also Known As:

Animal Control

Release Date:

16 Feb 2023


Bob Fisher, Rob Greenberg, Dan Sterling


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