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An injured forest ranger on a routine mission is saved by two off-the-grid survivalists. What is initially a welcome rescue grows more suspicious as t...he son and his renegade father reveal a cultish devotion to the forest. Show More


Gaia is a gripping and thought-provoking thriller that tells the story of a forest ranger who finds herself in a perilous situation. While on a routine mission, she becomes injured and is saved by two survivalists living off the grid. Initially, she is grateful for their help, but as time goes on, she starts to question their true intentions.

The movie delves into the relationship between the forest and its inhabitants, exploring themes of devotion and the lengths people will go to protect the natural world. As the ranger gets to know her rescuers, she discovers a disturbing cult-like devotion to the forest, led by the renegade father and his son. This revelation raises more questions than answers and adds a layer of suspense to the already intense storyline.

Gaia offers stunning visuals and a captivating atmosphere, showcasing the beauty and power of nature. The film keeps viewers on the edge of their seats, constantly guessing what will happen next. With strong performances from the cast, particularly the dynamic between the ranger and the survivalist family, Gaia provides a thrilling and unique cinematic experience.

Prepare to be swept away by the mysteries of the forest and the characters' struggle for survival in this suspenseful and thought-provoking movie. Gaia is a must-watch for fans of psychological thrillers and those who appreciate the power and significance of nature.

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18 Jun 2021


Tertius Kapp


7 wins & 9 nominations