Run the Burbs
Run the Burbs
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Run the Burbs

A young, bold Canadian family taking a different approach to living life to the fullest in the suburbs.


Run the Burbs (2022–) is an exciting and lighthearted television series that follows the adventures of a vibrant Canadian family as they embrace a unique approach to suburban living. This comedy-drama is guaranteed to captivate viewers as it explores the challenges and triumphs of a family determined to live life to the fullest.

Set in the idyllic suburban neighborhood, the series revolves around the titular family as they navigate the ups and downs of everyday life. Audiences will find themselves laughing along as the family tackles a range of relatable situations, from hilarious mishaps to heartwarming moments of connection.

What sets Run the Burbs apart is the family's refreshing perspective on suburban living. Rather than conforming to traditional norms, they march to the beat of their own drum, injecting spontaneity and adventure into even the most mundane tasks. Through their playful antics, they inspire viewers to break free from conformity and embrace their own individuality.

With its dynamic and lovable cast of characters, engaging storylines, and sharp humor, Run the Burbs promises to be a delightful escape into a world of suburban chaos and joy. This feel-good series is perfect for anyone seeking laughter and a unique take on everyday life.

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Also Known As:

Run the Burbs

Release Date:

31 Jul 2023


Andrew Phung, Scott Townend


7 nominations