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A Philadelphia couple is in mourning after an unspeakable tragedy creates a rift in their marriage and opens the door for a mysterious force to enter ...their home. Show More


In the eerie psychological thriller series Servant (2019–), a husband and wife from Philadelphia find their lives shattered by an unimaginable tragedy, which not only strains their relationship but also attracts a mysterious presence into their home.

The story revolves around Sean and Dorothy, a couple deeply immersed in grief following the loss of their baby. To cope with their pain, they employ a nanny named Leanne to care for a lifelike doll they've substituted for their deceased child. As time passes, Dorothy becomes increasingly attached to the doll while Sean remains skeptical of its purpose, leading to a growing tension within their marriage.

As the series unfolds, peculiar events and unexplained happenings start taking place in their home. Doors open on their own, strange noises can be heard, and Leanne's true identity begins to unravel, leaving viewers questioning her intentions. With each episode, the mystery deepens as this sinister force takes hold of their lives, pulling them into a dark and supernatural abyss.

This suspenseful series relentlessly explores themes of grief, loss, and the fragility of the human mind. The enigmatic storyline keeps viewers on edge, as they uncover disturbing secrets and attempt to solve the mysteries that surround the troubled couple's haunted existence. Servant is a gripping and atmospheric thriller that will keep audiences enthralled from start to finish.

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28 Nov 2019


Tony Basgallop


Nominated for 1 Primetime Emmy. 3 wins & 13 nominations total