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Sanna is a young girl who wishes nothing else then a very own horse. One day on her way to school she ends up in a stable where three Arabian horses i...s being held in quarantine. The horses are a gift from a foreign country to the Swedish government, which has decided to have them slaughtered. Sanna decides to save the black Arab stallion Sherdil and takes it to an abandon crofter's holding. Soon are not only her parents and friends looking for her, but the police and the military. Show More


Summary: In the movie Sherdil (1999), Sanna, a young girl, yearns for her own horse. One fateful day, while on her way to school, she stumbles upon a stable containing three Arabian horses under quarantine. These horses are intended as a gift from a foreign country to the Swedish government, but they are slated to be slaughtered. Determined to save the black Arab stallion named Sherdil, Sanna decides to take him to an abandoned crofter's holding.

As Sanna hides Sherdil from her parents, friends, and authorities, the search for her intensifies, with the police and military joining the pursuit. Sanna's actions attract attention and draw concern, but she remains steadfast in her mission to protect Sherdil and ensure his freedom.

Throughout the movie, Sanna faces numerous challenges and encounters various obstacles in her attempt to keep Sherdil safe. As the tension rises, the fate of Sherdil hangs in the balance, and Sanna must rely on her determination, resourcefulness, and the support of unexpected allies to overcome the threats surrounding them.

Sherdil is a heartwarming film that explores the bond between a young girl and a noble horse, highlighting themes of animal rights, courage, and the power of friendship. Will Sanna be able to save Sherdil and defy the forces against them? Find out in this captivating and action-packed family drama.

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22 Oct 1999


Gita Mallik