Star Trek: Short Treks
Star Trek: Short Treks
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Star Trek: Short Treks

A series of stand-alone short films featuring characters and storylines from Star Trek: Discovery (2017).


Star Trek: Short Treks (2018–2020) is a captivating collection of self-contained short films that bring to life the beloved characters and gripping storylines from Star Trek: Discovery (2017). In this compelling series, each episode takes the viewers on a unique and exhilarating journey, exploring various facets of the Star Trek universe.

The series introduces an array of fascinating characters and showcases their personal struggles, triumphs, and adventures in bite-sized episodes that are perfect for quick and immersive viewing experiences. From the intriguing adventures of fan-favorite characters like Commander Saru and Ensign Tilly, to the untold stories of familiar and new alien species, Star Trek: Short Treks offers something for every Star Trek enthusiast.

With its high production value and seamless integration with the Star Trek: Discovery narrative, this anthology series beautifully captures the essence and spirit of the iconic franchise. Each short film is a masterfully crafted blend of thrilling action, thought-provoking themes, and heartfelt performances, creating an engaging and memorable viewing experience.

Whether you are a long-time Star Trek fan or a newcomer to the franchise, Star Trek: Short Treks is a must-watch series that showcases the rich mythology and enduring appeal of the Star Trek universe. Embark on these captivating journeys that delve deep into the lives of these extraordinary characters and unlock new secrets in this beloved sci-fi universe.

Also Known As:

Star Trek: Short Treks

Release Date:

04 Oct 2018


Alex Kurtzman, Bryan Fuller, Michael Chabon


Nominated for 1 Primetime Emmy. 1 win & 4 nominations total